“How can we help others …

“How can we help others to know the truth if we don’t know it ourselves and are not willing to look at the world outside of our own perspective?”
– Gotten from Life on a potters wheel

I think that’s the problem a lot of us have. The ability to accept opinions and views that are totally different from ours. I believe this is the reason for so much hate in the world, religious extremism,and misunderstanding between individuals. Everyone believes they know what the truth is, and they refuse to hear other versions of it. The religious believe that their own religion is the true way, and that those in other religions are bound for hell. How on earth they got this theory is beyond me. How on earth they’ve managed to pass judgment before God has done so, is absolute madness. That’s why you see people killing others in the name of religion, and worst of all, in the name of God.  Same goes for the atheists. They believe God doesn’t exist. If you believe He doesn’t, then its fine! But don’t regard others with beliefs as fools.

I believe we are all entitled to our beliefs, but that doesn’t mean we cant apply some theories from other religions, and other beliefs. I am a Muslim, but that doesn’t stop me from reading some chapters in the Bible. That doesn’t stop me from reading Buddhist quotes, and the teachings of Lao Tzu. If only we could be more open minded, more accepting. We claim we know, when we know nothing. If you claim you know your religion, and that it preaches about peace, and tolerance, PROVE IT. Not just by going to the church or mosque or temples, or even in the way you pray or cover your hair. It must reflect in the way you treat others. And not just others like you, but others different from you. You must tolerate their beliefs, no matter how absurd. Who knows, if you were brought up the way they were, you would have been like them, or even worse. But not many people think like this, do they?