About Clearhaven

Hello! Welcome to Clearhaven!

Clearhaven encompasses things I ponder about frequently or occasionally. Also,it  involves  the expression of occurrences that surround me, through words and sometimes pictures. Some of these expressions are fictitious, however, I try as much as possible to describe them in a manner that most people will be able to relate with. I also post poems and short stories, and I’m even considering doing a mini-series. It all depends on the audience I get on previous posts though.

The blog is updated everyday, every two days or every week – depending on my mood and how busy I am. Therefore, I advise that you should subscribe to the blog so that you don’t have to check for new posts all the time. Thank you so much for stopping by. Your comments and helpful criticisms will also be appreciated ALOT! Have a wonderful day!!!


Mariam Eluma(Author)


7 thoughts on “About Clearhaven

  1. Mariam, your’re doing a wonderful job here. I never knew about this blog. I just saw it on Facebook, so I decided to check it. Your write-ups are interesting and inspiring. Please, continue with the great work. Something tells me that you’ll be a great writer someday. I pray that God will help you in your path to being great. Thanks for inspiring me and everyone else that have visited this blog. Much love.

  2. A Gravy Plan you had in mind, being in the realest form actualised i guess… Was linked by Lawee, but would keep in touch with ur Blog, so keep it Up.. Noiiiceee…

  3. Hmm, took a while to stumble on this…but I did! So, can we get back to finishing our writing projects now? Great job you are doing. Greater things await you…ahead!

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