Soul Mates

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The park was filled with cherubic toddlers, squealing at grasshoppers and chasing each other. Some parents sat and watched amusedly while others frolicked with their kids, an excuse to act like kids again.

A lady walked into the park, observing this picturesque scene; her heart filled with some emotion she could not place. She looked up at her companion and smiled “I’ve always wanted this you know”, she said and tightened her hold on his hand.  “Me sitting down and smiling as I watch you pushing our child a swing”. He simply smiled back.

That was the problem. He hardly ever responded to her statements. He just either smiled or laughed back.

She sat on one of the park seats, and he followed suit beside her. On another seat a few paces from hers, sat some women who were either mothers or guardians watching the kids play.

A gentle breeze blew, playing with the tendrils of her hair as she thought for a second what she was about to say..and do. She knew this was coming late but she just had to do it.

She turned to look at the man she had grown to love, not just for his actions but his essence. He had become life itself, the reason to smile, to cry, to breathe, to live…

This place had not just been a park to her, but a time zone. This very seat she sat on with him was not just a seat but a landmark. This was where they had met. And this is where she must say goodbye.

Without preamble she blurted, “I don’t think I can do this anymore”. She watched his lovely face squeeze in confusion. “I know this doesn’t make any sense. Everything is fine with you but not with me…” He looked like he was about to say something but she held her hand up to halt him, her eyes welling with tears they could no longer contain.

She tried to wipe her tears but there was no use, now they literally poured. She had held onto something that she knew now would never come to fruition. She had loved a man who could never be hers. “I love you so much”, she choked. “More than anything, I do. but I must learn to live on my own now. I must learn to love someone who will love me as much as I love him”

He tried to say something but she held up a hand to halt him, shaking her head sadly. “You loved me once, but that love is gone! I can no longer hold onto something that no longer exists. I have to move on”

“Goodbye. As I leave you here do not follow me. It’s over”.

She watched waiting for his reaction, and finally the bittersweet moment came. Him, the memory she had held onto, faded in the wind. It was cathartic. A beautiful release.

She wiped her tears, raised her head skyward and breathed in deeply for several moments. It was time to grow.

The women on the other bench who had been watching bemusedly watched her as she walked away , wondering if this woman may be mad.


On a different continent, a man was in the process of rinsing the soap suds off the car he was washing stopped abruptly. For some reason his chest felt lighter but his heart was racing. Probably Heart palpitations, he thought. He rubbed his chest in confusion wondering what suddenly brought this up.

“Is everything okay?”, He turned to look at his wife who was frowning in concern. She had been watching him the porch of their lovely home.

He nodded and faked a smile, but for the life of him he could not understand why he was feeling he had just lost something that was never coming back.

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