Sometimes if we are not in touch with our higher(true) selves , it takes time for the universe to get through to us with the answer(or the message). Sometimes the answer is right in front of us, yet we don’t see it because we are too distant from our true selves – Simona Rich

Nigerian-based artist, Jable Osai with his exceptional new single, Voices

I used to think divine signs only came in divine packages.

Before embarking on a venture or choosing which decision to make, I would ask the universe for some form of verification that I was doing the right thing. I used to expect it would come in the form of an epiphany where I would experience tingling sensations and shivers down my spine. A eureka! moment. Perhaps, a vivid or enigmatic dream. A transcendent experience that would prove that I had been bestowed divine inspiration by some unseen and benevolent mystical entity. My naïve expectations had been inured and limited by years of taking in supernatural literature, movies and occasional viewings of paranormal activity on DSTV’s paranormal channel.

How wrong I was.

My uncle flips his phone open and the screen lights up, displaying the default android OS grid view of the phone’s applications. Bemused, I watch as he deftly clicks on the Camera and tells me to follow suit with my phone. It doesn’t take long for me to realise he is comparing phones. Mine is expensive but is two years old, while his is newer and far less expensive. However his Camera has a sharper quality to it, which gets me slightly bristled. To quell my annoyance, I say, ‘but in my opinion, the phone with the best Camera is the iPhone’. He snorts in disagreement and I hide my smile. I also hate the iPhone

Initially when these signs presented themselves, I regarded them as merely coincidences. Sometimes I would see a random quote that relates so much with a situation I was going through at the time, and although I would admit it resonated with me, I wouldn’t act upon it. I did not know then what I know now.

My perception started to experience a shift however, when the signs became more persistent and seemed to demand my attention. I remember this particular instance where I came across someone who was holding book. As a book lover, it’s a usual habit of mine to ask to see the title and excerpt of a book whether or not I know the person, as long as they are just holding it and not reading it at the time (would be rude to interrupt!).  After reading the synopsis at back of the book, I randomly opened a page that had a chapter title that once again eerily related with my circumstances at the time. Stunned, I handed the book back to the owner. Still, I didn’t get the memo.


It happened again. This time the signs came through people.

He takes a few pictures with his phone to show off how good his Camera is. I can’t deny it any longer, his camera IS good. I collect his phone and also take a snapshot wanting to see if it’s the camera or he is a good photographer. The outcome is sharp and clear, and resignedly I accept defeat. Afterwards we talk about mundane things. Mostly about mum and life in general. Nothing too serious, just light conversation. Not long after, he bids me good night and leaves. It is moments later I see his earpiece on the dressing table, one ear dangling over the edge. He forgot it. I intend calling him about it but something comes up and it skips my mind…

There were things I would ponder about, certain questions that boggled my mind or personal issues that taunted me that I didn’t want to divulge to others. Yet, while having random conversations with known people and strangers, these people would veer the conversations into the topic I was pondering about, with the person even using some specific words I used in thought. The first few times this occurred, I literally gaped in amazement, because not only were the people talking about what I had been pondering about, they offered insights that quelled my misconceptions and realigned my thought process. And they didn’t even know what they were doing.

As it began to occur frequently, I could no longer refute that these ‘Messengers’ were couriers of the divine signs I had requested. Ordinary people, known and unknown. Each of them of them equipped with a message that suited their personalities, experiences, and knowledge so that they unheedingly related them with touches of their personal insights. I observed none of them were given a message they wouldn’t be able to relay properly. But what was more striking is that the universe was not selective about who would be passing the message or how, only that the message was passed to the right recipient. No care for looks, abilities status, creeds or deeds.

Two days later——-

I tighten my grip on my aunt’s hand to offer her solace, as I watch tears slide down her cheeks. She has just delivered a devastating news. I’m worked up and at a loss for words, so I resort to telling her ‘Sorry’ which only seems to get her more lachrymose. I feel my eyes prickle and gradually well up with tears threatening to fall. Abruptly I hear an impatient knock on the door. I quickly think of something to dissuade the person from coming into the room because I don’t want anyone to see my aunt like this. I am not sure she even wants to be seen like this. But before I can even voice a ‘Do not enter’, the door is already swinging open and my uncle comes in and shuts the door decisively. The sharp retort that had bubbled up expels just at the tip of my tongue at the sight of him. He looks like he’s been running because his breath is shallow and his forehead is glistened with sweat, some of which are meandering down his temple. For a moment I’m wondering what has him this way but his gaze is quizzically homed in on my aunt. He glances at me for an answer but I glance away. I’m not so sure she wants me telling him… 

After I had grown to accept these messengers, the signs continued to diversify in presentation. Sometimes I would have the urge to randomly flick to a channel that has a show or a movie scene that addresses something I have been pondering about.  Soon, even without asking to be shown, the messages came effortlessly. They were always sentient guides: to verify or realign my assumptions, to offer advice and caution or were simply there to boost up my mood or day. Sometimes in the span of a week, different people would point out an aspect of my behaviour which indicated a need for improvement or an encouragement to continue despite circumstances.

He walks gingerly to my aunt, all the while asking what the problem is, until he is close enough to touch her but doesn’t. Not until she leans towards him does he embrace her. They exchange words in my native dialect, my aunt’s garbled replies barely audible. Nevertheless, my uncle gets the gist and he is resolutely consoling and counselling her. Not in a manner that allows her to indulge in self-pity but step out of it with resolve. Initially, I am taken aback by how he goes about it because it seems insensitive how he demands she stops crying, but to my amazement it actually works. I have always thought a person should be allowed to phase through their pain so that they heal faster…flawed thinking, I know…

These persistent experiences have inspired me to live in the moment, instead of living in anticipation. They have also made me more aware of my surroundings, and also listen to and follow my instincts.

Afterwards, when my aunt is much sober, he relates how he found out he forgot his earpiece in my room. How he had been jogging on a treadmill at the gym, and all of a sudden he thought of his earpiece and wondered where it was. How he was compelled to go through the pictures we took days ago, and in the pic I took with his phone, his ear piece was in it and he came bounding to get it. That he never knew my aunt had gotten back from her trip and was in the room with me. He is amazed at the coincidence and timing of events, but I am not. Such experiences have only reinforced my belief that there are no such things as coincidences and that something larger is at play. If my uncle had not arrived on time, I’d have made my aunt cry more with my crying. His message was exactly what my aunt needed to hear, a message of strength. I would have attempted it but it never came to mind.

 ’We are all spirits’, my uncle says. ‘I am a spirit’, he points to himself, ‘You are a spirit’, he points to me, and ‘you are a spirit’, he points to my aunt. ‘This body’, he momentarily rocks on the heels of his feet, ‘is just earth’s anchor’. As if to punctuate the statement, sets his leg apart and widens his shoulder. ‘We all have a voice that is of God, that comes out when it is needed. He(God) is closer to us than our jugular vein. Gone are the days where the heavens opened up for God to speak to us directly. Now he does it through People’ 

I believe we are all messengers to each other. Each of us has a message that is dormant and unleashed at the right time, at the right place and for the right person or people. These messages come in the things we say, do and create. We all have that divine spark that is needed to heal, and inspire. We are all couriers of divine messages.

I presume these signs were shown because I asked for them. Not that I was an exceptional person or was doing a significant deed (I think). As banal as this may sound, I believe if you really seek for a sign and shed your expectations, you will get them as long as you believe you will. But what is really important is that you accept the high likelihood of them coming in a form or from a source you least expect or even like.

If you pay attention to the nature and events in your life after asking the question, you will notice that things will become organized in a way that you will understand the answer. You can only understand the answer if you really pay attention to what is happening in your life – Simona Rich”

Messengers are not just people though. They are recurring events/circumstances, things in nature, lyrics of a song, a line in a novel, a quote on a billboard you’ve passed a dozen times but you’re compelled to look at, the caption on your favourite drink:  anything the universe has will be used to get to you at the perfect time.  The signs are ubiquitous and limitless in their presentation, and are conspicuous only if you live in the moment. The messages will be conveyed only if you pay heed. Doesn’t cost much, does it?

I hope you get your messages 🙂


4 thoughts on “Messengers

  1. I must really appreciate you for this leaked secret of the ages. A prince has no difference from a slave as long as he is still a child because, he does not know who he is or his inheritance. after consuming this piece of food you dished out, i have grown to know this. keep on creating the mark…i am already asking for answers.

  2. must say. I like your style of writing. makes me really want to write too but kinda drawn back. need some kinda spring boards to spring. really like your style. keep it up.

    • Thank you Harun!!
      As for writing, I think you just need to practice. You can start with personal journals and slowly evolve from there. What’s helped me, is reading. So that may help too. Read alot and you’ll learn words, phrases and expressions as you go along. Good luck! 🙂

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