Innocence Stripped

This post was inspired by (x). Likely contains spelling and grammatical errors and run-on sentences, but this is a rambling post so bear with me


It’s just a sit on the lap

or so it seems.

Family members and parents around not suspecting foul play that a child is actually being molested in their presence.

I don’t know what’s more damaging, a child being molested and threatened not to inform their guardians else a harm befalls them or a child being molested in their guardian’s presence and they are unsuspecting. Or a child who is molested and not threatened but doesn’t report anyway..because?

Because they have no idea what is being done to them..The child will probably understand what happened when they become older  or just outright deny it

Because they have no clue they’ve been turned to human sex toys

Because even though they see what is being done to them, they don’t understand why they can’t speak out or why they hide it (see possible reason in apt quote below )

Because they are manipulated to do what pleases the pervert and are rewarded with..treats, presents, affection, attention, some sick show of love

Here’s the thing about being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse that no one really wants to talk about, but maybe we need to anyway. A lot of it is innocuous, so much so that you may forever doubt if what happened to you is really abuse. Some of it even feels good. And if things never get truly painful or scary … or if the abuser is someone you love, then your mind and social norms work together to make you reject the idea that it was really abuse. – (x)


It’s just a hug

or so it seems.

No one wonders why the child is between the man’s thighs, why he is holding her pressed against him between his thighs. Tickling her so that she wiggles between his thighs. Everyone turns away and as usual, no one is looking. They are so trusting of this person so they don’t suspect a thing..why?

Because the pedophile is either.. a brother, male cousin, uncle, nephew, friend, house help, son etc… – or most disturbing – Father.

Because the pedophile is either… a sister, female cousin, aunty, niece, maid, daughter, etc… – or most disturbing – mother. Infact…

A PEDOPHILE CAN BE ANYONE you would hardly suspect and expect which is what makes them so dangerous <– the emphasis is the real message in this sentence.

Pedophiles don’t come with capital letter ‘P’ on their forehead. They don’t have a specific LOOK, GENDER, AGE, BEHAVIOUR or OCCUPATION. Drop that belief. Drop it FAST.


They are just being friendly and that is why the kids love them.

Or so it seems.


I’m tired. This post was supposed to be regarding the topic of sexual objectification of children aka child molestation in a different format but it turned into something else. I’ll probably get to do what I initially planned on doing in another post but for now, I am not in the mood.

The whole idea is upsetting, disgusting and discouraging. What can be done to prevent this? How do we pay more attention to our kids? Why are we so trusting? How can we tell the difference between someone who’s just playing with your child, to someone who is playing your child? How do we get kids at such a young age to be on alert/suspecting of such untoward behaviour without stripping their innocence? How do we make our children more comfortable with us so they tell us everything that has happened to them if we can’t always be there to watch over them?

How? HOW???

You know what is sad? The cruel vicious cycle, that one day a molested child could also turn out to be a molester.

You know what’s sadder? Some of these pedophiles are excused and it’s the molested kids that get reprimanded.

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