Mum’s Birthday

Today is my Mum’s birthday.  mum3

I want to pause time but it’s impossible…

There’s so much I want to show her, do for her…so much I want to do to show how grateful I am that she has been a beautiful mother, mentor and friend to me.

Just so damn much..

I know it should reflect in the little things I do..sending her ‘I love you’ texts, hugging her when she is around, making her smile  after I annoy her, just being there for her…

But all those things don’t feel enough.

I want to buy her a Yacht, a Plane, take her around the world, buy her Diamonds, give her anything she wants. I know all these things seem extravagant but nothing is too big to do for someone you love so dearly. Absolutely nothing.

I want to pause time. Her birthday just reminds me of how old she’s getting, and I feel this sense of urgency to achieve these things and more.

*laughs* I don’t even have a job, but what the heck, I’m getting there. After doing those things, I’ll probably name a Star after her, build her a mansion on any other hospitable planet,buy her a rocket…

But for now, I’ll just stick with the little things..sending her ‘I love you’ texts, hugging her when she’s around, making her smile, making her proud. One step at a time … poco a poco

*sniffs* For now I can only do those little but meaningful things and pray for her. Pray that she lives long enough for me to reciprocate her love in every possible way I can, with everything I have.

She is more of a man than some men will ever be, and an evolutionary woman through and through. There is nothing remotely ordinary about her.

I love you Mum. Always have, always will.

Happy Birthday 🙂


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