Everything Will Be Fine(To Whom It May Concern)


Everything Will Be Fine
Everything will…be..fine…
You know that reassuring mantra that plays over and over in your head when a seemingly docile situation hits at first, until it gets worse..and suddenly you can’t remember how the mantra goes…

Initially the situation feels like it’s manageable. It doesn’t seem serious. You feel you already know your way around the problem to the situation. Until it proves you wrong.

You find that this little glitch was just the tip of the ice berg. That the problem is deeper than you thought. Even your experience with obstacles is no match for this.

You are confused, beyond bewildered. You find that noone you know has the capacity to solve this problem, as it is your problem. They may lend their ears, and may propose solutions as to how they would have gone about solving the problem. But you realise that if they were in that situation it would have been different – not better, just different. Thus, you realise their solutions do not apply to your problem.

You ask yourself how this mess happened. You thought everything was going okay. Everything was fine! You’re wondering how? why? what did you do to deserve this? Are you the new pawn on fate’s chess board?

The saying ‘Everything happens for a reason’ suddenly comes to mind. You become angry. You see no reason behind this, no wisdom. All you see is pain, anguish, suffering. All you see is Red.

Your faith is being sorely tested. You realise in a world of friends and family members, you’re on your own. Just you and your faith…or what’s left of it. That’s if you even had it.

You pray, you weep, you sleep. You desperately try to pretend everything is fine, hoping the problem would suddenly disappear, but it does not! You want to be patient as God’s time is the best, but you want the solution right now. Right NOW! You can’t deal with this anymore.

You don’t know how everything suddenly just turned wrong. You thought you were on the right track. Now this comes up from nowhere..

I’m talking to Me. I’m talking to YOU. I’m talking to whom it may concern….


Your life may be a wreck now. You may not be where you want to be in life. You may have terrorists for family members. You may have shams for friends. Your relationship/marriage may be heading down south. Or maybe you are probably not just where you want to be at this time in your life. ..

Don’t look up towards the heavens, but look into your heart. The solution has been there all along, your problem refused to let you see it.

Distractions refused to let you feel it.


No problem lasts forever.


Keep repeating this till your head hurts, and your heart swells, and you find that you have no more tears. If you cry, that is.


Keep believing this and visualise that something bigger than you is already at work; has been at work the whole time. A being that is closer to you than your jugular vein; God.

And don’t just wait till that miracle happens. Be the miracle. Start working at it in the way you feel it can work out, and everything will fall into place, when the time is right.

Everything will be fine….
Everything will be fine…
Everything. Will. Be. Fine.


Photo Obtained From: Ephemeral Visions website »» Myephemerality.com/?p=2581


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