Accepting And Becoming The Negative

negative pstveA few years back during a journey to the village, a comedian’s CD offered jokes to humor the occupants of a car. I remember my uncle was on the driver’s seat, my brother was on the passenger’s seat, and I was conveniently tucked at the back seat dozing every now and then. However, the comedian’s CD made the remainder of the journey less strenuous and bum-numbing as it made us laugh from time to time.

One of his jokes started with a man who cheated on his wife, and afterwards he ended it with “Men will always Cheat”. I disagreed immediately and that caused an argument that lasted for about 20 minutes or so. The argument was not the heated kind, but it definitely gave me an insight to how my uncle, my brother and probably men in their age group thought  about the issue of cheating.

That wasn’t the first time I had heard that, and it was definitely not the last. Every now and then, a man uses it as an excuse to do what he ought not to do, making this seem as if this is part of their nature. Some have even brought up so called scientific proofs that a man’s DNA is ‘wired’ to always want to mate with the opposite sex. Which made me wonder: what then is the difference between Men and animals? I thought what separates human beings from animals are traits such as the ability to reason, have a conscience, control desires and make decisions etc. Some have even unashamedly told me that it is not okay for women to cheat but it is okay for men to do so(like what the actual f#<!? Does this even make sense?)

Anyways I disagreed then, and I still disagree now.

Then again this isn’t an article solely about men cheating, but rather about how we have gladly embraced the fact that we are not perfect. And I use ‘gladly’ not in the case of a blind man who accepts he was born that way but lives like every other man that can see, but ‘gladly’ in the case of a man who does a deed he shouldn’t(and could have prevented but does it anyway) because he has it as the back of his mind that he is imperfect. All because society has made such deeds norms.

I believe when God or whoever made up the statement that we humans are imperfect, it was due to the fact that we are prone to err. But that doesn’t mean we do not have the ability to constantly try to be better(And No, this time i’m not referring to our physical attributes)

There is a difference between doing something and sincerely not knowing how the outcome could be and then it results in a mistake, and then doing something despite knowing how it could turn out and then calling it a mistake. These two deeds are not the same, neither are the intentions.

Imagine some men because they believe it is in their DNA to cheat don’t bother fighting temptation when it comes(their partners feelings be damned). Imagine someone taking all the junkie resources and ends up having a terrible medical condition and calls it a mistake, when he/she knew they shouldn’t have done that in the first place. Too many bloody examples!

This is what is plaguing our world today. Scientists/whatever-field-gurus/famous-charismatic-somebody/powers-that-be makes a generalization of which sex or which race or whoever is prone to doing something and we eagerly embrace the deduction so that we can have an excuse not to listen to our conscience so we can practice them too. We no longer want to question or reason, as long as they’ve said so, then they must be right.

If we keep up with such mentality, such befuddled state that we simply accept such misplaced notions without even reasoning to think about the circumstances, then we are inevitably growing backwards.

And that is such a sad and sorry place.


2 thoughts on “Accepting And Becoming The Negative

  1. Another amazing post of yours Mariam! I agree with you wholeheartedly, as I always do. I’ve been thinking about this as well… how society really seems to be going backwards, especially since the turn of the decade. It’s “in” to do a lot of things which are morally incorrect… and I’m starting to think that our moral as a collective might be changing. When we watch old movies and listen to their language and their derogatory statements towards women, ethnicity etc., we become chocked. But we should try to see ourselves as well and where we are going.

    You should post more often!

    • Thank you so much for commenting! Sorry I havent had the time to post frequently. So much going on in my life right now. Hopefully i’ll get to update my blog more often.. Thanks again for commenting 🙂

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