Beauty In Grief

My second attempt at poem writing.Dedicated to Dad

There is beauty all around us. Even in grief.

A beauty enshrouded in sorrow, subtle yet poignant.

Such that makes you mourn the late and forget their wrongs.

So that you dwell on only the good times in their company.

A beauty that brings the mourning together in unity,

even where there was once dissonance.

Such that makes all sober,

and forget whatever ill feelings they bode towards each other.

So that they may console themselves,

even if it is for a moment.

There is indeed beauty in grief.

For it teaches us to expunge ill feelings bred towards the deceased,

if they ever existed,

and, or persisted.

A beauty that teaches us to forgive ourselves for the wrongs we did to them.

We are reborn, inadvertently, in grief;

For the strength to move on in life absent the departed,

is perhaps one of the greatest strengths of all;

Because we realize then that time is fleeting;

And that Death is here to stay.

But the austere reliever- Grief- shall always be there to pull us through..

So that we remember how to live again,

amidst the time-dwindling pain

Photo Credit: Setting Sun :


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