When do we grow up?


I came across this quote(can’t remember when), and decided to ponder on it. I am usually a lover of quotes, but I am not one to easily agree with them without having a rethink of what they imply.

I understand that when one is young, it is generally perceived that one is immature. That one, does not have an extensive and chronicled set of experiences encompassing a majority of fundamental circumstances to help them in making  ‘wise’ decisions in their adult years. I understand this, if not perfectly, to a great extent.

However,  I have observed you really do not always need to experience some things before you can make reasonable decisions when you’re older. Sometimes, you don’t even need someone close to you to have certain experiences before you make smart decisions . There’s so much information out there these days that give you the pros and cons of certain endeavors. It’s in the series and movies we watch, it’s in the books and magazines we read, it’s in the songs we listen to(though I seriously doubt the songs of nowadays have valuable information), on the internet, everywhere! Therefore, wisdom is not necessarily dependent on the age of a person, but dependent on the person.

For some reason, I feel this perception(with reference to the quote above) of evolution into adulthood has given many young people a false sense of permission to purposely make mistakes.  Although it is not its intention, the quote is somewhat misleading. Like, people are really going overboard with stupidity at their young age. It’s like these days, alot of young people don’t want to think about the implications of their actions, they just want to act. YOLO(You Only Live Once) being the excuse for such obtuse behavior. In essence, these days, there is little wisdom in the actions of alot of youths. The sad part is, this has less to do with age, and more to do with wanting to ‘belong'(to what exactly?). It’s sad, really…

What is even more disturbing is that such behavior is being carried into young adulthood(20-25). These days, you see a 25year old acting like a 16year old. It’s like these young adults have refused to accept the reality that they are no longer kids . That whether they like it or not, they have to carry the burning torch of responsibility. The only thing differentiating some young adults from teenagers these days are probably the educational institutions they attend, if not, not much else!

So all I have mentioned earlier begs the question, when exactly does one grow up?I don’t think someone can act like a child for 25years of their life, and suddenly when they turn 26 they decide to be ‘mature’. I personally don’t think growing up works that way. I feel you have to start growing up young, gradually. It’s definitely not something that works like the ‘big bang theory’. However,  when a serious circumstance strikes, it forcefully wakes them up to face reality, and that’s definitely a jarring way of growing up. Not nice!

It would seem cliche if I mention age is just a number, but these days it seems that way. These days, you really cannot justify the maturity of a person based on their age. If you observe, the young are acting older than their age, while(some of,if I might add) the young adults are not acting old enough. So where exactly do we place the blame of such devolution?the media, the social networks, or the parents?

Well, this quote definitely concludes this article, as I have run short of amiable words.


Hope this helps the adult-babies.

Photo credits:
To old to be wise … – http://pinterest.com/zarprey/design-y-quotes/
Respect yourself … – http://pinterest.com/kayndra/to-be-old-and-wise-you-must-first-be-young-and-stu/


2 thoughts on “When do we grow up?

  1. This is truly a beautiful piece. Growing “old”:is by default. Growing “up”is by effort. I believe one reason why people still act younger than their age has a lot to with their childhood/upbringing. However, I’m of the opinion that one’s background shouldn’t keep one’s back on the ground. it takes a lot of effort to “grow up’ and people are not wiling to pay the price. They still hangout with people who don’t contribute anything toward their development. Same “thoughts” same life. The fight really is in their minds, and they will remain babies as long as they think “baby thoughts” Paul puts it this way: “When I was a child i thought like a child, i spoke like a child… But when i became a man, i put away childish things”

    So, really age has little to do with being developed mentally or spiritually . one’s effort together with the help of God is what helps in the transformation of his or her mind. And until your mind is transformed your life will remain the same, Shikena!

  2. I totally love this.It really is sad how young Adults choose irresponsibility over responsibility nd blame it on youthful exuberance,it even has a word.We all think YOLO 4getting YODO and that some mistakes can’t b corrected.Thnks Amy 4 this beautiful piece.It’s good to know there r still sane youths around. 🙂

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