Just Because

“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right.” – Thomas Paine

I have observed something. It’s not something that just recently occurred, but has definitely intensified.

I have noticed that some people don’t like doing wrong stuff alone. They need people to do it with them, as it makes the action feel ‘right’. They always look for ways to convince people why it should be done, why it’s okay.

Just because you are doing something with a majority of people, and you all are comfortable with it, that doesn’t make it RIGHT. This is one area I know a lot of people will refuse to admit. And I mean, A LOT.

I think that is what is wrong the society. Too many people believe that because a majority of people have consented to a particular action, then it’s okay to do it. They no longer see the wrong in action because a majority of people are doing it.

Take a look at cheating for instance. A lot of people are so okay with it to the extent that they even put it in their social network bios. You also see people these days that actually brag that they can ‘snatch’ people’s spouses. Even more so, how people suddenly fall out of love with their spouse and go for people they feel are more attractive or fulfilling. Why?Because they see a lot of people doing it ofcourse.

Another example is how insulting people’s looks has become the latest accepted prejudice. Just because you don’t have an outward flaw doesn’t make it okay to insult others who obviously do.

Another is taking the quotes/ideologies of a supposed mentor way too seriously. Some people take celebrities as demi-gods, and hence almost want to live the way the do. Point taken, some celebrities are worthy of emulation, however some aren’t. You see a very stupid quote that doesn’t make sense when you come to think of it, but just because it’s your favorite celebrity that said it, then it becomes #word.

There are so many instances…

But hey! I’m not here to judge. We’re all different people with different lives.

The only problem I have is when you don’t acknowledge the fact that something is wrong, even though a large population or significant people of the society agree with it.


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