My Problems With ‘Love’

Love is beautiful…especially when things are going well with the ones you love.

Some people claim they’ve never been in ‘love’, but that doesn’t mean they have never experienced it before.

We’ve all experienced a little love, somehow… Probably from our parents, our friends, our family members, our neighbor(s), our pets etc. The kind of love that makes us feel important somewhat; that our existence matters. That without us, their lives would be significantly different. So yeah, in a way, I believe we’ve all experienced some Love.

Now let me digress to the ‘amorous’ love. The kind that only lovers share. That intense and passionate love that makes some people act like fools, and makes others roll their eyes heavenward when they see such love-sick people- the mavericks. These people find the concept of ‘falling in love’ utterly surreal, torturous, depressing and believe it only leads to heartache.

But can you blame them though?

I admit Love has its upsides. The ability to turn hard-hearted people into doves. The ability to heal. The ability to make people appear happy for no reason, yet there IS a reason… I cannot deny the perks of falling in love..and these are just a few.

Then again, Its downsides are undeniable as well!

Too many people have taken the emotion for granted, and have taken advantage of the overwhelming feeling it brings and are using it for a lot of wrong purposes. You definitely can’t deny its downside! It’s a big risk falling in love, no doubt. It’s almost as if you are giving someone your heart on a platter and saying, “It’s all yours now, do as thou wilt”. And trust me, some people will definitely do what they want with your heart just because they know you really love them.

You don’t believe me? Well then:

What emotion would make people do things they would never have thought of doing, if not for the sake of one ‘special’ person? Love!

What emotion would make people forget they have a brain? Forget they have a mind of their own? Love!!

What emotion would make people think with their hearts? Love!!!

What emotion would make sensible and rational people to be easily manipulated or controlled by their supposed ‘special’ other? Love!!!!

What emotion would make faults one couldn’t stand from others suddenly become tolerable because its a ‘special’ person doing them? Love!!!!!!

What emotion has the ability of running someone mad in the name of jealousy?or betrayal? Love!!!!!!!!!!!

What emotion is the most lied about that people use to deceive others just to get in a ‘tumble’ with them, only for these people to disappear once they’re done? Love…ofcourse.

What emotion has the ability to get your heart broken when it ain’t glass?Love actually

So you see my problems? And these are just a few!


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