Stalled For Too Long

I remember in 2009 when I bought some lovely accessories.

They were a variety of different designs and colors, and they went well with my clothing. Some people complimented them, while others vied for them. It was only the very few I wasn’t attached to, that I gave away.

Anyways, months later, when my academic life became more tedious(I was in school at the time),  I stopped having time for my accessories. I stopped placing them properly in my ‘jewelry’ box. Instead I would just dump them in, and close the box. After a while, my negligence got alot of my accessories tangled, and because I was too busy with school work, I didn’t have the time untangle them. Even in my spare time, it never occurred to me to untangle them because I had more interesting things to do with my leisure time. It got so bad that I had very few accessories left to wear, and they got ruined quickly because I over used them.

So months passed, and years passed, yet I kept postponing when I would untangle my accessories. I got new ones, but they did not last, and I didn’t like them as much as I did the old ones. So three years later(year 2012), I finally decided to untangle them. Unfortunately I had lost quite a number of them; missing earring loops and hooks,and damaged necklaces. Luckily for me, my favorites survived, although they were still badly tangled.


So patiently, I started to untangle them. I tried to start with the entanglement around the huge flower pendant, but it only seemed to worsen the situation. It later dawned on me to start with the bottom first, before reaching the top. After hours of carefully untangling them, I had my babies back 😀

I’m sure you’re wandering, “why is she writing about how she got her accessories untangled”???

Actually during the process of trying to disentangle them, it made me realize how some of us are the cause of our problems, most of the time.

We see something happening out of the norm, and because its insignificant, we’re too negligent to tend to it immediately. Some of us, fail to realize that that little problem could lead to even bigger problems. So we keep piling things up until they get so bad we don’t know where to start solving the problem. Why did it take me three years to make things right? Why did I have to wait so long until things got so bad that I lost so much in the process? Well in my situation, It was laziness. But what about you? why do you keep stalling that problem if you do not have any reasonable reason for doing so?

The experience also reminded me about how some of us treat our loved ones. We become so obsessed with work and other interesting activities or  ‘seemingly’ more interesting people, that we barely have  time for those who have been around, or we suddenly stop treating them the way we ought to. In a way, the accessories I lost due to the entanglement reminded me of friends that couldn’t handle the way I stopped keeping in touch. The new accessories I got, reminded me of the new friends I made, but somehow they could never replace the old. And the ones I had to tangle to get back? Well.. they reminded me of the old friends I tried, and have succeeded in winning back…

In the end, I learned not to take the little things for granted. I’ve learned, and I’m still learning.

But who would have thought I would learn alot from untangling a bunch of ol’ accessories?

I guess lessons of life are everywhere.., even if we fail to see.


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