Too often and for so long, human beings have always come up with ways to create segments amongst ourselves. I’m not talking about racism, as racism is unacceptable to everyone. Rather I’m referring to those ‘borderlines’ that have been created and have been accepted by us even though they hurt us. We absolutely see nothing wrong in having them, as long some of us are in the good side of the border. Sometimes we are completely unaware that we are creating them; for example when it comes to the issue of looks. Most people are  unconsciously unanimous on how a beautiful person should look like, or what physical attributes the person ought to possess. So basically, we have created borders or categories or segments where some people are placed in beautiful, some in pretty, some in ugly, some in plain etc.  Because of this, it seems okay for people to judge or mock an appearance of a person. Some people are even comfortable saying they can’t hang out or be friends with people that look a certain way, without having a care for how vain they sound. The world we live in. And this is them doing it unconsciously because they have no idea how wrong it is to judge someone’s looks, not until a flaw on them is being pointed out — Ofcourse.

On a more conscious level, it becomes a different story entirely. Here, people blatantly draw the borders, almost saying: This is where you stand, this is where WE stand. And the worst part is, alot of us refuse to see the borderlines being drawn but instead want to be on the ‘otherside’ of the border. In other words, we want to be with those who draw the lines. Sad isn’t it?

Here are some examples that irk me. Firstly, is the Forbes list of the world’s richest people. Why is there a list? To feed egos? Or to remind people that you’re not yet a ‘somebody’ until you’re on the list? Why should there be such a list when they are millions of people suffering? To further remind them of how horrible their circumstances are? The list reminds me of Awards, and Award shows. Although award shows can be very entertaining to watch and attend, I don’t like the concept. Probably because a part of me feels that awards are a way of telling people who didn’t win that they ain’t good enough, or that their work wasn’t to some ‘specific’ standard set by the judges etc. Don’t get me wrong, It’s nice to be recognized for something. But most of the time, it makes others who didn’t receive it to feel like crap especially when they deserved it. So going back to the Forbes list before I digress. In my opinion, the list is elitist. Because it sorts of screams: there are rich people, and then there are wealthy people. Almost saying that being comfortably rich isn’t enough, or having a reasonable income that can feed you and your family isn’t enough. And do you notice how they never forget to mention the ages of the people on the list? Almost as if they’re telling the public: look at what your mates are accomplishing. What are you doing with your life? In the end, this magazine has perfectly sculpted being successful as having an outrageous sum of money in your bank account. They have warped the definition of success and have equated it with being wealthy.

Then another example is the ridiculous list of the world’s most beautiful women or men that some magazines pull off. Like, are you freaking kidding me right now?! And the worst part, most of the candidates on the list are celebrities(models, musicians, actors, actresses,socialites, wannabes) or other very rich people. So what are the people who come up with these lists trying to say to the general public? Get famous and you’ll be on the list! And the list is so glaring in the sense that these candidates all possess some specific features. So saying, if you don’t sort of look like these candidates you are no where near beautiful? The media has successfully set the aggravating standards of beauty that alot of people would do anything attain those standards. Why? We are not all created the same! Not everyone can have the same set of features. So why do beauty standards exist? What is even more appalling is, if the public sees how gruelling it is to attain and keep up with those standards, why do they still accept them? adhere to them?

These are weird times, I tell ya. When you don’t do what everybody is doing you’re tagged as anti-social or eccentric. I believe most of us need to snap out of this mentality. Because one day, the things we create could come to haunt us. Take the Forbes list for instance. A source says that 177 people have dropped from the list this year. This would have made some of those people who cared about being on the list to feel bad, even if they are still stinkingly rich.

So where am I going with all this? We need to recognize what is going on and stop feeling bad, or unaccomplished for things that are beyond our control. If you want to be successful in life, your aspirations should be beyond ending up on the Forbes list. Don’t compare yourself to people who are more successful than you, but rather be grateful that you don’t have nothing; that you can still feed and clothe yourself. Everyone has a different journey in life, and although many of us aspire to be rich, not all of us are going to attain it. Therefore, one should try as much as possible not to feel bad if the latter happens. You don’t have to live how they live to feel successful or do what they do to become successful. You don’t have to be between the sizes of 1-10 to be beautiful, because it can’t be possible for everyone. Although we’ve heard this alot, i’ll say it again: the real beauty is within. No matter how plain you think a person looks, you can’t help but admire the person if he/she possesses a good character. Let us look beyond what the media defines beauty as, and not be too quick to call someone ugly or plain.

Let us stop following the people who draw those darn borderlines!


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