If I Were God

A reply to Wordy Sword’s If I Were God

Hmmm, If I were God
What would I do?

If I were God, I wouldn’t be merciful
especially to the wicked, the oppressive and the unjust
I would smite them for every wicked act they do

If I were God, I would only answer prayers;
of the weak, oppressed and the poor

If I were God, unjust rulers wouldn’t have the chance to rule;
they wouldn’t have a chance to ruin the lives of millions

If I were God, I would punish instantly
to prevent people from  repeating punishable deeds

If I were God, I wouldn’t be patient with the wicked
or bother to give them a second chance

If I were God, people wouldn’t suffer,
probably only those who cause suffering ofcourse

But fortunately, I am not God

Because if I were, people would not be free
to hurt the people they hurt, out of spite, and just because they can
and yet still have a chance to make it to heaven

No.. If I were God, the world would be a strict place
filled with people forced to be good
and the atmosphere would reek of fear

The world wouldn’t be how it is now
where people are free to make choices
free to determine their paths
free to be good or bad

And this is why the world is lucky I am not God;
for I am not as magnanimous,
for I am not as merciful,
and I am definitely not as wise.

And Wordy Swords was right
“We can never be ‘God’ ”
And though some may think they would do much better
If they were on HIS throne
I dare them to try.


Photo credit: http://www.mostphotos.com/383407/sky-background-sun-and-clouds-background



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