70virgins and other things..

So…it’s been six days of fasting already!

Seems like the days flew past!

The fasting has been going well. Although the fourth day, the fasting really got to me. I was still able to fast till the very end without fainting though 😀

This Ramadan I have decided to read the Quran completely. And not just finish it for the sake of it. I want to ponder on what I read too, and by God’s grace, act on the new things I learn and probably perfect on those I already know.

Actually, I am tired of hearing what’s in the Quran from other people. It’s not like I don’t know some things already. I do, but most of the things I have learned about Islam was either from one preacher to another, a family member, a fellow Muslim or some other source. Not that it’s bad I got most of my Islamic knowledge from these sources, but then again, it is bad…somehow.

I feel I should have my own understanding of the message the Quran is conveying. I really feel the need to find some things out for myself because there are sometimes I hear some people preach or do some things, and I’m like ‘Is that really in the Quran?’ , or ‘Is that really what the Quran meant?’. I guess they preach this way or do these things because that is the way they have chosen to interprete what they read in the Quran.

Take for example, the 70virgins story. I have heard that it is written in the Quran that if a man is righteous on earth and commits good deeds, 70virgins await him in Al Jannah (heaven). This I believe is not in the Quran, even though I haven’t finished it. In all my years that I have read the translation of the Quran, which  is to a commendable extent, I have never come across a verse saying such. To satiate my curiosity, I went on the internet to find out if this really was in the Quran. Several sources said there is no such verse, others say that it is stated that a pure partner awaits one in heaven and not 70virgins, and then some others say it is actually there. One source in particular that ticked me off said that little boys await the men in heaven too!

When I saw that, I got really angry. Not only were they blaspheming, but some people(non-Muslims) and even non-educated Muslims about Islam, may stumble upon that site and believe the lies they posted there!

Then there’s the part about marrying four wives. A while back when I read the verse about that in the Quran, It stated that a man could marry up to four wives IF he could treat them equally, else he should be Just and should be content with one  wife. Well, It wasn’t exactly stated this way, but this is how I understood the verse. So, it’s either I didn’t get the message right or a lot of men where I come from, have decided to discard the part that comes after ‘IF’. I have seen quite a number of marriages where the men had up to four wives and even more, but they did not treat them equally. In a way, they all had a favorite, which is bound to happen somehow. So that’s definitely unjust, right?

Unfortunately, I have also come across videos where a Boko-haram(the latest terrorist organization in Nigeria) member reads a verse from the Quran just before they kill an innocent victim(s). It is rather unfortunate that these monsters ‘claim’ to be Muslims and even more appalling that they read the Quran just before they kill their victims. Which makes it look as if they were getting instructions from the Quran to carry on with their heinous act! There is absolutely no verse that states you should kill innocent people in the Quran. Nevertheless, I am very curious to know which of the verses they must have misinterpreted or twisted to suit their purposes or brain-wash their suicide-bombers in killing themselves and innocent people in the name of God. It’s really terrible…

Anyway, I have decided to finish the Quran. To quench my curiosity, and ofcourse gain more knowledge about my religion. When I do so, I believe I will be more confident and deft in discarding any untrue claims or misconceptions some people make/have about Islam and the Quran. Even more so, I will be able to correct people’s wrong interpretations about what they read. Some people just have a way of twisting what they read in the Quran to suit their benefit, and I want to be ready for them. So help me God!

I guess I’m just really tired of Islam being the most misunderstood,misjudged and lied-about religion in the world right now.

So, yeah, I’m in search of truth. The real, unabridged and unbiased truth.


Photo credit: Scrambled words pic: http://affirmyourlife.blogspot.com/2009/08/knowledge-affirmations.html
 Dua for learning: http://onlinearabiclessons.blogspot.com/2009/04/supplication-before-gaining-knowledge.html


9 thoughts on “70virgins and other things..

  1. Awesome post! I totally agree with you! Some people post things without any sources and some say that this and that is in the Quran, usually after having heard it from someone else! I’m very dubious towards such messages and always try to verify them with my sources before taking it in fully. I hope you will be able to finish the Quran and wish you all the best in this task :)!

    I know of a website which someone I trust told me is legit. There are thousands of questions about everything there and answered by Islamic scholars. The best part is that they write down their sources, so you can check for yourself :). The link is http://islamqa.com if you’re interested :). It’s amazing the things you learn when you truly study Islam by yourself. For example, I have known ever since I was a kid that men and women pray differently. But a while ago a friend of mine told me she was perplexed seeing this, and so I checked it up… and she was right! There is no difference for men and women while praying!

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  3. This was a great post and I particularly agree with this line:
    “I guess I’m just really tired of Islam being the most misunderstood,misjudged and lied-about religion in the world right now.”
    Even though I am a non-Muslim I do long to see Islam better understood as a religion of peace. It is astonishing what some people write on the web – sometimes on both sides.
    I suspect you know this by now but the virgins (72, in fact) comes from an hadith by Al-Tirmidhi rather than the Qur’an. This collection, I believe, is not one highly thought of my Muslims (correct me if I am wrong) and I could find no reference to the idea in Bukhari, Muslim, Muwatta or Dawud.
    I wonder why it is quoted and mis-used so often then?

    Best wishes on your journey 🙂

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