Before the storm

If there is one thing I miss about Adamawa state, Nigeria (alias ‘Land of beauty’), is it’s topography. There is something about the landscape that is wild yet calm and deeply assuring. Then again, I miss how the weather turns before it rains. The sky turns a deep angry blue-gray giving everywhere a surreal look, almost as if we were in a cartoon, and the wind blows upturning everything in it’s path. Sometimes, it even likes to flaunt it’s prowess by destroying a few structures. The only thing I hate though, is the wild insects that appear after it rains. They fly around florescent bulbs and street lamps to relish the warmth it offers them. Personally, I believe some of the insects I’ve seen in Yola (Adamawa’s capital)  are yet to be discovered by scientists, because they look really freakish. Or probably it’s because I hate insects that’s why they look that way to me. A day before my finals, I was climbing upstairs to my room when the weather changed as it normally would when it is about to rain. I then looked out the window that  gave a view of the back of my dormitory, and to my surprise, saw cows grazing peacefully despite the impending storm. The scenery was beautiful 🙂

Took another picture from a different vantage point, although it was still at the back of my dormitory. Loved the way the clouds rolled..

All these pictures taken with my blackberry camera! Just like I did in Alive. I really don’t know what it takes to become a professional photographer, but I think I’m getting there :).


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