Zeal Of The Bored

Here I am thinking of what to do with my time. I’m on my bed with my mother’s nightie donned, and I am literally swimming in it. I haven’t done any real chore today, yet I feel physically depleted. Boredom does that to me. I tried going on twitter to see what was interesting and trending. I was not surprised to find out that it was another set of commonplace topics trending again,

with a bunch of ctrl c+ ctrl v(copied and pasted/recycled) tweets down my TL. My mind almost blanched. Anyways, I tweeted something silly about twitter  being a home of people’s alter egos with photo-shopped and instagram-edited display pics. *sigh* It was my little  way of getting back at everyone on there for not making me feel better(like it’s their fault*shaking my head*). it’s  not like they’ll notice of course, but I felt a little content for twitting that.

 After signing out of twitter, I considered eating my way out of boredom. There’s so much to eat at home.  Ranging  from chin-chin, to assorted chocolates, to different flavors of Rubicon drinks and much much more.

 I was  tempted to give in. I was about to ‘indulge’ myself when I remembered how terrible I would feel(not so much, by the way :-p)  if I gained weight afterwards, especially when I already have some to lose. I reluctantly dropped my chin-chin at the thought.

    So here I am again, groggy-eyed and yawning every ten minutes. I would have gone visiting but all my friends are in school because their schools are still in session. Now, I am thinking of learning some new programming languages(PHP, Html, Javascript) for my senior design project in the fall semester.


Image gotten from http://kothariharsh.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/popular-programming-languages/    *sigh* Software engineering is definitely not a rosy course. Hopefully in the process of learning them I’ll feel much better. *Yawwwwnnn* (-_-)


2 thoughts on “Zeal Of The Bored

  1. hello mariam…wish i was as dedicated as u. SO far, the only thing boredom has pushed me (o do is go to the gym in the morning. Know i wanted to come home so badly but why do i find myself being so bored and restless???

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