Really.., WHY do we have to GROW to be WISE…?

I wanted to share this song’s lyrics. I feel disillusioned at the moment, but somehow even if the lyrics have nothing to do with how I’m feeling, they’re taking my mind off my problems. It’s been long since I heard such good music. The songs I hear these days are either about sex, clubbing, or female body parts. There are also some about love and heart breaks, and about treating someone right compared to how the partner does –  not like that’s wrong or anything. But I just feel there is so much more to sing about. Although there are some musicians out there that sing about other things, these kind of songs don’t exactly top the billboard charts, compared to the kind i mentioned earlier. It also gets me wondering, if most people prefer those kind of songs I mentioned previously, is that all people are about these days??? Anyways, back to the lyrics I wanted to share before I digress. The name of the song is titled ‘Questions’ by a musician who I am very proud is Nigerian – Asa. She has sang a lot of beautiful songs, you should really check her out. I believe you’ll relate to what she’s saying in this song, it’s so deep. Well…here it goes…Enjoy 🙂

Tell me how many women childhood dreams come to past
Tell me how many movies turn out real???
There are so many questions
Questions I’ll like to ask
So you can understand exactly how I feel…

Tell me how many people wish they were someone else..,

Someone they think the world wants them to be
Tell me how many babies will be born just to die?
Leaving me with these questions
Asking why…

Tell me how do trees whisper
How do birds learn to sing
And how does the rainbow stay the same
How do bees make their honey
How do they learn to sting
Can a broken heart get back to heal again

How do people get so busy they don’t find time to love
What’s the truth behind why people go to war
Why is there so much religion yet there’s so little to love
Will I ever get to know the truth some day

Where’s the youth who’s gonna dare – where’s the elder who really cares
 Why do people believe things they know aren’t true
When you look into the mirror who do you see
Why do we have to grow to be wise?

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