The Lost

Some of us are in search of something. That ‘something’ that we believe when found, will make our life complete; make us feel whole. I believe this has made a lot of people to experiment with their lives, to achieve this. Some travel the world, hoping to find it somewhere. Hoping an experience may reveal why they are HERE in the first place. Some try to find it in seeking for love from all manners of people. And this leads to either a series of disastrous relationships, or being stuck in an unhappy one. Those who are lucky to have found good partners, overtime get to realize their partners haven’t quite filled that gap yet. Some try to learn new things, with the hope they have that sense of accomplishment, that doesn’t fade. Some try to find it in alcohol, weed and all sorts. Some try to find it in their sense of style. Some try to find it in food. Some even in promiscuity..etc

Do you feel lost? More like you’re happy(or probably not), yet something is still missing. That you have enough, yet it’s not quite enough. So you try to immerse yourself in activities to fill that void. Party more, drink more, work more, make more money…A weird sense of dissatisfaction that can’t be described?

At first I thought it was greed, but that’s not it. This is definitely something more. And I believe it’s probably because we’re so in-tuned with something that’s not ‘forever’..

Or probably worse. I’ve thought about it occasionally. A broken dream, perhaps? could it be because our life didn’t quite turn out as we’d hoped? expected? Could it be that some of us  feel this way cos’ we’re doing a job we don’t quite love, but we do it anyway because it gets us paid? Could it be we’re hanging out with the wrong set of people? Could it be we feel this way because we KNOW we’re worth more, but life has handed us less, despite everything we’ve tried? Could it be because we don’t know what our purpose in life is? That we’re living a life that wasn’t meant to be? Or is it a curse on us humans? That no matter how much we have, and how good we have it, we will always want that extra ‘more’ ???

There are numerous reasons I’m sure, some so deep that they aren’t apparent. But whatever it is, I hope whoever feels this way actually finds what they are looking for. Really. Because a life without purpose.., ain’t a life worth living…

And that goes for me as well.


3 thoughts on “The Lost

  1. Mimie, I was once there and as a matter of fact, it (the thing being searched) is not constant. The thing that we are all searching for is God, in the eventuality. Not just some of us but everyone and life is a constantly evolving scene. And since God is Love, we search it in the high state in love. Lower state in more food, more of material things, etc., that you rightly pointed out. And yeah, it is not greed. It is life’s natural desire to seek more and have more. This I have come to realise recently.

    Can you blog for us? I mean the university blog. I mean I really want your posts to be on our school’s blog. I am seeking permission for usage. We need bloggers and you write well. It will not cost you any extra effort. A permission will mean copying and pasting your posts (including past ones) on it. That’s all.

    • Very true Omorx. I believe whatever it is that will complete us is not HERE. Thank you so much for your comment. My response to blogging for the university will be sent to your email 🙂

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