I was heading to my school(American University of Nigeria, Yola) cafeteria to get something to eat on this day. I had a lot on my mind at the time, ranging from the exhausting school work, to my relationship, to family issues. I was thinking about all these at once and I almost missed the beautiful sunset. Lord! It was amazing. God sure is the best artist ever!!!(Duh! lol :)) 

It was so beautiful. Immediately I started to take pictures with my blackberry camera . I must have looked weird to  passers-by, taking pictures of the sky, but i really didn’t give a rat’s ass(lol!). You don’t get to see this kind of sunset twice! Its always different.  The whole process made me forget about my concerns.Rather, they looked smaller in comparison to the fact that i was alive and healthy to actually witness this. The whole scene reminded me to look at the bright side, that i wasn’t alone…that God has always been, and will always be here 🙂

 Now I’m seriously considering getting a camera. I think I make quite the photographer.., i know right 😉 😀

 Thank God for my eyes to have witnessed this, my good health to have the strength to use my ‘good’ legs to walk to where i was able to take good shots, and use my ‘good’ hands! Notice the emphasis? That’s me appreciating. I’m just grateful for the little things that we sometimes take for granted.  yh, also, thank God you’re alive to see them too 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


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