It’s not only you

There comes a time in your life, when you’ll find yourself -in your opinion- in the worst circumstance you’ve ever been in. In those kind of moments, you kinda forget that there are other human beings around that also have issues – some similar and others totally different, but issues nonetheless- and believe you’re the only one having problems. In a haste to get out of this temporary albeit discomforting phase of your life, you see your self wanting  to do anything to continue a normal life. Unfortunately, some people will actually do anything to solve their problem, when that not only solves the current situation for a while, but also brings about a host of even more complicated problems.

 I believe before jumping into a ‘solution’ to any problem, we have to take some certain things into consideration. Is our solution long term or temporary?Does it affect others negatively in the process? Will it lead to even bigger problems? No matter what the questions are, just make sure the benefits of your ‘solution’ outweighs the cost. Now that’s easier said than done, especially in really complicated cases. For example your husband,wife,gf or bf is not giving you the kind of love you honestly deserve, and you have someone out there ready to give it to you. Your need to feel loved may drive you to want to cheat or even divorce, and you might even forget that there’s something called ‘making it work’. Again, it’s actually much more complicated than this, but i believe before giving up, there’s something called trying. 

We all have issues going on in our lives. Some not so complicated, and some extremely so. However, no matter what solution you’ve come up with, just make sure it’s something you wont regret or be ashamed of, in the long run. Just try and make sure, cos’ you may never know…




3 thoughts on “It’s not only you

  1. Omaye. So so so true. Very tempting situations call for thorough analysis. People should outweigh the pros and cons before jumping into something they may or may not regret for life. Thanks mariam

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