Death Calls

“Death is something that should always be expected” – A Friend

Hearing the news of the Dana Airline that crashed on buildings in Lagos (June 3rd,2012), seeing the pictures of the incident and the burnt bodies of the deceased used as blackberry display pics, reminded me of the harsh and ugly truth of reality – Death.

You see, we human beings LOVE to forget the fact that we all have our pre-destined ends. Some even refuse to accept it. It was funny, but totally understandable, watching people praying against death yesterday. Of course, nobody wants to die, everybody enjoys this beautiful-lie called life, and want to believe in the illusion that we’re totally going to live forever. Unfortunately these days, ‘forever’ is not so far away…

However, i find it kinda sad that people/someone have/has to die before most of us remember that death exists. Its like when someone dies, the whole world is at a standstill. People use their pictures as display pics, put up touching and depressing facts of life as their status messages, and meditate on how they’re going to stop doing the ‘bad’ stuff they do. When the next day comes, SHAZAM! Its like nothing even happened, they still go back to the same stupid stuff they do anyways…

Let’s be honest. Too many of us take life for granted. We don’t appreciate the little stuff until its too late. We’ve got to be sick before we appreciate health, We’ve got to be completely broke before we appreciate that little change we had. Someone or people have to die before we appreciate we are alive. We’ve got to be in a near-death experience before we actually start living right. And even despite these, we still remain the same or even get worse. Too bad, too bad..

I believe among the many reasons death was created for, was for it to serve as a reminder. To remind us to hurry and do the right things now cos tomorrow is not promised.., not even the next second..*sigh*. Look at the poor victims of the plane crash :(.. Little did they know their time was up. There was no sign, no warning, nothing. It just seemed like an ordinary day. They all had plans made, and thought that they knew what would happen in the next hour. That they would come down from that plane alive, and continue with their lives.

Little did they know….

I just pray we don’t get the message that death has been trying to convey to us until it is too late. Until we’re seeing our time has come. It’ll be sad if our last thoughts are either ‘had i known’, ‘why did i do that?’, ‘I’m not ready!!!’, ‘But I’ve not apologized yet!!!’ …or something like that.

Let’s try – cos it’s not easy- to live right so we die prepared, no matter how, no matter where :). May the souls of the recently departed rest in perfect peace. I pray they’re all in a better place 0:)

“May the best part of my life be the last part. May the best deed I ever do be my last deed. And May my best day be the day I die” – Unknown


7 thoughts on “Death Calls

  1. This is true genius speaking through you. You sound like my very good friend (Mimee). There are a lot we neglect in life until DEATH is mentioned, and I think it’s time we realize that life is all about living to die.

  2. I agree with what you said, for the most part. However, I also wonder that we may overlook the preciousness of life because of being forced to conform to this fast-paced system, or life; that we are unable to slow down to breathe in the sky, the moments, or even the words that truly matter.

  3. I think d most important part of life is the joy of putting smiles in the face of people μ lov as well as othaz…i pray the day i die, d whole world will celebrate d joy dat i brot into δis world rather dan morne…ωe al should cherise nd presrv our lives bcoz ωe stil av α GOD tΘ giv praises tΘ evriday nd coz dia r stil millions of peopl waitin 4us tΘ mak de♏ happi…dat way,deir wud b no regrets eη death shows up……cos ωe al tried 2do d right THING….

  4. Death is an undefiable law of nature we all must bow to! However sad but true! The way we intend to impact ppl’s lives, colour their world and leave our finger prints or mark is different but our words often reflect the conditions of our heart. That’s why I wanna commend U for this great effort for U dnt knw who all this write up will serve as a sermon to or as a lesson too! By ur description “self expression thru words and pictures” but permit me to add “angled at impacting others and bettering our lives too” keep it up dear! I’m so proud of U *smiles n hugs*

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