They call me…

He had begged for attention, and effortlessly, i had given it to him.

How he did so, was not of the norm. However, it was the only way he could win me over.

He had used and hurt people. Made them have high expectations of him. Made them trust him. He had gladly won them over only to play with their emotions. He had hurt them without foresight, because he knew he could say ‘sorry’ in the end and get away with his heartless deeds. These certain people had given him their hearts, and he had trampled on them. He had mischievously ended relationships. He had bullied and slandered and had ruined the reputation of innocents. He had stolen virtue, and had misguided countless, all because of his charisma. He was beyond deceitful – he was wicked.

What an attention seeker, i had thought.

And then i waited for him. Waited for him to find people who he would offer more trust than he had been given in the past. Waited for him to find those whom he felt were close enough to be called  family. Close enough not to expect any harm from them. And when i saw he was drunk in love and trust, i struck.

First i made them use him, and made it unknown to him.

Next, i started to make them disappoint him. Subtly at first, until their deeds became so unbearable to accept apologies. But his love for them was strong so he could not let go of them, and because of his love, he continued to suffer bitterly. I made them influence him into habits he took time to recover from. I made him sick, and made all of them have no time to come visit him on his sick bed. Made him broke, and made sure none of them offered assistance.

And i did much worse…

Where is he now? Oh! All of a sudden he has become prayerful. They always do that you know; pray against what they bring upon themselves. My Master asks me to take it easy on him now because of his prayers, else..

Unlike my Master, I have no mercy for anyone who commits all acts related to unjustness. But obey my master  I must, after all he has learned his lesson, and is still learning..

I am done with him.., but only for now. Other students call for my attention. They always do.

I must go now, but who knows we may meet someday. Even your ‘seemingly’ slightly wrong deeds always brings us together somehow. But do not frown or worry, i am only your enemy if you make it so.

But at times when you are treated unjustly, and you did not deserve it, do not be forlorn. I will be there, upon my master’s call to set things right.

And if you do not know who this bilateral being is by now, I am your gift and your curse.

Some call me a bitch. Some call me nemesis…

As for the rest.., they call me Karma.


7 thoughts on “They call me…

  1. Hello clearhaven. This is so beautiful and deep. Karma is really a bitch but i’ve never seen it eloborated in such an explicit way before. Peace out sis

  2. I belive ib karma alot and i like its theories…its better than the law ◦°˚☺f our land coz evri1 has consienzz…ur dΘ!η great mariam…rili rilli great

  3. This is really good, Mimie. It could fit as Through his eyes (II). Perhaps ought to be titled as such.

    But I wonder how you got this inspiration. Did you read a religious book that perhaps has this notion of Devil working for God or something. Perhaps we shall talk about this someday.

    Continue the good job. It seems to me like someday, we both could do a fiction book together. Odd thinking, right?

    • Loooll!!! I did not read any religious book, nor do i think the devil is working for God. In fact, i believe Karma was made by God, to set things right for the weak and oppressed, or those who have been wronged in some way. I believe its God’s way of saying in the end, we’ll all get a taste of what we dish to others. I just tried to personify karma a lil’ bit, and i hope i succeeded.. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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