Through his eyes…

He had never seen anything so beautiful…

He stood from a distance watching her. Watching every move she made. Storing every action in some repository in his brain.

She was small.., he liked them small. Her size was perfect to him.

She was lithe and had toned abs. She must be part of a sport activity, he thought. Females her age were usually not this fit.

Her hair was long. Gloriously long. Packed in a pony tail that yet reached the middle of her back. A soft wind blew  allowing tendrils of her hair become loose from her pony tail.

Her face was a beauty to behold. No picture nor painting would do her justice. Her eyes were perfectly shaped, slightly slanted at the corners. Long thick lashes framed their upper lids. Her mouth was small and heart- shaped, as the upper lip was fuller than the lower lip. Kind of like an upside down mouth. And they looked oh so soft. His tongue wet his lips unconsciously, his arousal was imminent.

She was dancing to some song in her head, because there was no music playing in the background. She wiggled her hips and flailed her arms in the air. The movement brought his attention to her derriere. It was nicely rounded, not too big; just perfect for her size.

He had to have her. And it had to be now.

With purposeful steps he started to walk towards her, playing out how he was going to entice her in his mind. He thought of wonderful things he was going to do her when he had her. Wonderful wonderful things.

He had almost gotten to her, when a woman, perhaps her mother appeared form nowhere with candy floss in her hands and handed it to her. “would you like ice-cream to go with that hon.., ” he heard the woman ask. The five year old nodded, her ponytail bobbing.

Not wanting to look suspicious he changed his direction, but still passed her anyways. As he passed, he got a whiff of her scent: Baby powder, and some mild vanilla. How sexy, he thought.

The pervert stood from a distance, his heart heavy as he watched his target leave with her mom. What an opportunity lost, he thought.

Next time he would move quickly, he said to himself, as he turned around and left the kiddies playground. Next time…


3 thoughts on “Through his eyes…

  1. Ehn! omo kekere (small girl). We put a tire round the pervert’s neck & burn the guy- jungle justice style…. nice write up Mai.

  2. Could delay is dangerous be the lesson in this story?

    I am inspired by this piece of writing. Mimie, I never knew you could write this well, seriously. Really nice one. I can’t wait for the continuation of this: Through his eyes (II).
    This write up has inspired me to start doing some creative writing again.

    • OMG! I am glad i have inspired you in some way!!! I really appreciate it. And i would really be grateful if you start writing again. You have all the time in the world 🙂

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