Angel Numbers(or so they’re called…)

My experience>>>>

I know i started seeing them this year. I don’t know precisely when. There’s a possibility I’ve been seeing them before now, but just recently became conscious of it.

At first it started with 11:11…

I remember the first day i saw it. It was the time on my display clock. I thought it was a coincidence. I even laughed, inwardly, because i had watched a movie last year titled ’11:11′ which i never got the chance to finish. Anyways, i dropped my phone and continued what i was doing.

Some days later, i looked at my phone again. That’s how it happens- i could be reading, listening to music, or doing something random, and all of a sudden i have this need to look at my phone, and when i do, the time on the display clock screams 11:11!!!

After that first experience, i started to see triple numbers. So far i have seen 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. At first when they started, i thought they were also a coincidence. Then i realized i kept seeing these numbers just like 11:11! However, i see 2:22 and 3:33 a lot compared to the rest.

This continued for a while, and i started to get really spooked out. One day it happened again(with 11:11) and something pushed me to look for answers on the Internet. Lo and Behold! I realized I’m not the only one seeing these weird sequence of numbers! and even more surprising, they actually mean something! Subhannallah!!!

Some answers i found on the Internet(still researching btw) said these numbers were actually our guardian angels’ ways of communicating with us, telling us when to go ahead with something, what to do and what not to do. This is one source’s interpretation of the numbers, as there are numerous interpretations of why people see these numbers. However, this has been my favorite thus far. It feels kinda nice something ethereal has your back, aside from God ofcourse 😀

Ive been researching since then, and so far I’m not getting straight forward answers. However yesterday( April 22nd 2012), i saw two new sequence of numbers – 17:17 & 12:12.

Imagine i was hanging out with friends today when something compelled me to look at a friend’s phone. what his display clock was saying was 17:17. I made a mental note to look for what it meant on the internet, as i could not so at that time. When i had the time to look for its meaning, however, i came across a host of interpretations. Only one suit the situation i was in when i saw the sequence. It was a bible verse, proverb 17:17 about friends!!! :-o:-o:-o

Today, while i was changing i was going to see what the time was, and my display clock read 12:12. Ive been trying to look for what that means. So far, the answers are pretty vague, but apparently some people all over the world have also been seeing these new sequence of numbers i stumbled upon. it was nice reading their experiences though…

I know reading this you’re thinking, ‘what if she waits until the clock has triple or double numbers’. Trust me, i am NOT doing this on purpose. Sometimes its not even the time i want to check on my phone, it could be i have this sudden urge to chat with someone, and when i look at the time, it reads one of the sequence of numbers!

I even started seeing 222 everywhere apart from my display clock. At the moment I’m following 222 people on twitter, and i have 222 songs on my phone, which i just noticed! Somehow, this is beyond coincidental..

Oh well *sigh*  i just felt like sharing this. Still going to be doing my research anyways. If i stumble upon anything interesting, I’ll let ya know. But before then…watch this space!!!


3 thoughts on “Angel Numbers(or so they’re called…)

  1. Mimi i swear i thought i was the only one, i even complained to my sis recently abt chkn the time at odd hrs… If you are right then this is d coolest thing i hv heard all week. Feeling special

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