Only time will tell – An excerpt

****NOTE: what you are about to read is purely fictitious. Any article, story, or event that may have occurred similarly to this post is purely coincidental. This is an excerpt from a book i’ m going to write 0:)


The pain was excruciating…

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she gritted her teeth to withstand the pain. He kept pounding into her, his laboured breaths echoing in the room. Her stomach threatened to give away her dinner, as his weight had her fully compressed to the bed. She held onto him regardless, as he went even deeper. She grimaced as she felt herself tighten at the action. Hot tears stained her cheeks, and whimpering sounds escaped her lips.

Couldn’t he see she was in pain, she thought, Couldn’t he see?

This was not how she had imagined it. It wasn’t also how she had read it in the novels. How most of the romance novels had explained it was that the pleasure always came after pain, and that the Hero, whoever he was, always made sure he pleasured his woman.

Her experience on the other hand, was to the contrary…

Her trail of thought was interrupted as she felt him stiffen momentarily, and all of a sudden shudder as he reached his climax.

This is it?she thought, feeling a great deal of disappointment.

He rolled off her and tried to control his breath. Beaded sweat trailed down his forehead. She looked at him and  was annoyed to see he looked content.

She turned to face the other side, away from him, keeping her legs tightly together the whole time. She felt so sore between her legs. She opened her legs slightly to experiment what would happen.

She grimaced. Just as she had thought it would, air made her sting even more. She immediately closed her legs.

“Baby,” he said, reaching for her. She withdrew from him, but only inwardly. She was disgusted and angry at him, and most especially, at herself.

“You were awesome”, he said again, close enough now to kiss her cheeks. She remained silent.”You okay?”, he asked bemusedly, turning her to face him now.

One look at her tear streaked face made him guilty. “Baby.., I’m so sorry i hurt you”, he kissed her forehead and wiped her face, “..the first time is usually like this, but i promise you it wont hurt this much the next..”

The next?!, she thought startled. After this horrid experience, she didn’t think she was ever going to have sex again..,EVER!.

She looked at him now. He did look sorry. But then again, sorry was not going to undo this horrible experience.

Why had she done it though? she thought. And only one answer came to mind; to keep him.

It wasn’t his fault, she thought. After all, she had brought this upon herself.

She gave a weak smile, and cuddled up to him: her pretentious way of indicating all was well.

“I’ll be fine..”, she said, kissing him on the chin. Her action putting him at ease.

But that was the biggest lie. She felt this would open a door way to a plethora of problems.

What if he got tired afterwards? she thought. After all she had friends who, despite having sex in their relationship, still got cheated on.

She sigh heavily, and she snuggled up to him. It was no use thinking like this now, the deed had been done.

Time was going to tell if he was worth IT. Only time…


9 thoughts on “Only time will tell – An excerpt

  1. This is absolutely AMAZING!!! I’m saying this not cos I know you, NO! But cause it’s the truth! And also to encourage you to go on with it!
    Nice one dear!

  2. I can relate 2dis… Nice Post!!! Hmm… Vry ermm…!!!*lips re sealed* FunnyEnuf, a friend had dis same experience sumtym last month when she got disvirgined! Its almost a similiar incident! I kinda wonder Y won’t u galz just say sumtin…! Wen in pains, I tink d ryt tin 2do is say it!!! I wonder Y… Y suffer in Slience…!!!

  3. Awww!!!llovely mimi!very iimmpressive nd really creative…a lot of women cam relate to this.nd yh,women need to speak up mr especially when it involves their sexuality cus in the end they are the ones who wld face the consequences.

  4. Well mimi this is a nice piece of work; we could say everyone sees special signs in their life which brings them one step at a time to their destinies……………………

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